Sales leakage.
How is it affecting
your revenue?

Every business misses out on sales – but how much?
The Sales Leakage tool will help you identify what you might be
leaving on the table and give you some insight into the specific
gaps in your teams’ skills and approach, and what can be done
to maximise your sales opportunities.

What is the cost to your business of lost sales?

How can you stop sales leakage?

How do you grow your business?


What is sales leakage?

What should your team be generating with the resources you have at hand? Are you making the most of the opportunities in your marketplace? In other words, what revenue are you ‘leaking’ that is within your ability to control?

Since 1970, David Forman has led the industry in organisational sales performance. We’ve evaluated the latest academic and industry research on optimal sales performance from around the globe to develop our newest innovation - the Sales Leakage Calculator – to help you measure this and develop plans to reduce the leaking and improve your sales revenues!

Test for leaks now


The Sales Leakage Calculator is designed to provide an excellent guide to what revenue your business is leaving on the table, based on the factors you can influence. Given a wide range of industry variations and environmental factors, it can’t provide a 100% accurate, definitive figure.



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